Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Refinished Furniture

Refinishing furniture is magic.  I wish I had learned about this sooner, but thanks to many Pinterest tutorials and my fabulous friend Yadira, I realized that this was something that even a full-time teacher could get done in her spare time.  I got started on this refinishing furniture kick over a year ago; as a result, I have found a new love for thrift stores and Habitat's Restore. This will be a longer post since I will include what I have refinished to date, and I just started this blog. I will list the paint colors at the end.  My next post will be a step-by-step amateur's guide to refinishing furniture. 

The first piece I refinished was our console table, which I actually purchased new a few years ago from JcPenney's Home Store, but the french country finish just didn't gel with our modern living room.  Here's the before and after:

The second piece I refinished was another new piece but only because I could not find what I was looking for at any thrift store.  This dresser was from Home Goods and is now in our master bedroom:

I then decided to try my hand at refinishing laminate nightstands (another Home Goods find)--I also drilled holes in the back behind those doors, so we can charge our devices at night:

This chandelier was found at Habitat for Humanity's Restore, and the mirror was a Home Goods find:

Here are a couple of pieces I upcycled for our master bath.  For the jewelry holder, I found a cabinet door at Restore (about $3), and the knobs are from World Market.  For the curtain holder, I purchased a $.25 (yes, 25-cent!) piece of wood from Restore and some small white hooks from Lowes:

For our guest bath, I refinished a thrift store frame and shelf.  I also painted that towel basket from TJ Maxx that was originally a brushed metal :

When we found out that we would be expecting a little one in October, we began to slowly transform our office into the nursery.  One piece we decided to keep from the office was the bookshelf, but it was all black and too dark for what I had planned, so to lighten it up I painted the back gray (paint left over from console table I refinished last year).

This nightstand for the nursery was a $12 thrift store find.  It is solid wood and was covered in dust (hello, respirator mask and mineral spirits).  This Krylon Coral Isle paint color is not locally available, so I had to order it online, but it was so worth it.

My most recent and favorite piece to date is our baby girl's dresser/changing table.  I told all of my close friends and family members what I was looking for, and my aunt sent me the picture below of this hideous yellow dresser with oh so much potential.  My mother-in-law helped me pick it up and for $53 and a few days of labor, this dresser became exactly what I envisioned for lil miss.

I love the sides too:
The knobs from Prettyware actually cost more than the dresser, but they are hand-painted with filigree backs and add so much charm. 

Primers used:
1. Kilz Original Interior Oil-Based spray (for laminate, brass chandelier, small pieces) and non-spray versions (for larger pieces).

 2.Glidden Gripper in grey for the green dresser

Paint Colors Used:
1. Console table and back of bookshelf: Valspar latex paint in Storm Gray (Lowes)
2. Master Bedroom Dresser: Valspar latex paint in Army (Lowes)
3. Master Bedroom Laminate Nightstands: Valspar spray paint Golden Maize (Lowes)
4. Master Bedroom Chandelier and Mirror: Valspar spray paint New Avocado (Lowes)
5. Bathroom jewelry holder, curtain rod, frame, and shelf: Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint (Amazon and Ace Hardware)
6. Nursery Nighstand: Krylon Coral Isle spray paint
7. Nursery Dresser: Rustoleum Stone Gray spray paint and Krylon Dove White spray paint (Ace Hardware)

1. Varathane WATER-BASED Interior Polyurethane sealer.  The oil-based has a yellow tint that changed the colors of my white spray paint and dries much slower, so unless the piece is going outside, I would recommend sticking to the water-based sealer.  I have tried others, but Varathane water-based hasn't been sticky or left a tint like some others I have used. (Home Depot)

I hope you are having a wonderful project-filled summer. I'd love to see links to some of your refinished masterpieces!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nursery Decor

I am not a fan of pink. I was obsessed with pink growing up, and so this must be a case of overexposure, and I am sure that our daughter will be obsessed with pink as well.  Until the point where she actually bats those eyelashes and looks into my eyes pleading for pink and princess decor, I decided to decorate the nursery in colors and objects that we would love. So the colors are peach, coral, aqua, gray, black, white, and gold.  I was inspired by this nursery on lay baby lay, but I wanted to fill the room with things that we love (planes, guitars, typewriters, books, etc.).  We are still waiting on the crib bedding and recliner that are back-ordered, family photos to be printed, more frames for bookshelf, and goodies from the baby showers that will take place next month.  Here's a sneak peek of the unfinished nursery for lil miss Lamb:

1. Refinished/Upcycled nightstand $12 thrift store find, painted in Krylon Coral Isle. Jenny Lind crib ordered from Babies R Us. Yes, I know the crib is by the window and I promise those mini-blind cords will be tightly wrapped up at least 8-feet above the floor.  Oh and the pillows are just in there until the recliner arrives.
2. The husband sketched these pics of us for the cover of our wedding invitation 10 years ago, and the custom print was based off of the song our parents and grandparents walked down to during our wedding (print ordered from LilyGene).
3. This wicker chandelier was a $5 rubbage sale find, painted in Rustoleum Stone Gray.
4&7. Plane mobiles for girls are NOT easy to come by, so I had to hand paint this baby. I ordered the mobile frame from Amazon and plane and cloud wooden cutouts from different vendors online.
5. My favorite piece so far which will warrant another post (you need to see the hideous yellow dresser before) was a $53 thrift store find that my aunt found and my mother-in-law helped me pick up since I am not supposed to be doing those things by myself anymore. Dresser knobs are from Prettyware.
6. The frames were purchased from thrift stores, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Joann's (love those 50% coupons), and the prints were purchased from the following Etsy vendors: Artful Musician, Paper Llamas, j2studiosphotography, Stories Divinations, WildWildernessPhotos, and le petite elefant.
7. See #4
8. The bookshelf was completely black, but I painted the back in Valspar Latex Storm Gray.


When I became pregnant I pictured moments of hormonal rage that would only be satisfied when my husband went to the store for some pickles and ice cream.  Thankfully, the hormonal rage never set in, but the first 9 weeks I did have 24-hour sickness (no morning only sickness for me).  Once that subsided, I must confess I have sent my husband on plenty of I-can't-function-without______cravings based runs to the store. All of these "foods" were ones that I enjoyed when I was younger, so there haven't been any strange food cravings.  Although, I hadn't eaten McDonalds since the film Super Size Me, so that breakfast run was a shocker and Poptarts now taste like flour to me (but they were all I wanted to eat for a few months).  Here are a few of my past and present (and rather unhealthy) prego addictions:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pregnancy Announcement #2

Pregnancy Announcement--How I told them

It's not easy finding a creative way to announce to the world that you are going to be helping populate the planet.  I wanted to find a unique yet not super personal way to share the news (no pictures of my uterus--please).  After waiting the longest 13 weeks of our lives, this is what we decided on:

For the future grandparents, we made them photo books of the ultrasound pics, a pic of the due date onesie, and pics of the dogs with the onesie.

For our friends, family, former students, and nearest and dearest acquaintances on Facebook, I posted a pic of the due date onesie with the caption "Do you know what this means?" 

 The husband posted, "Looks like we're adding another pup to our pack" with this picture:
Announced on April 9, 2012
Click HERE for onesie tutorial

Pregnancy Announcement #1

Pregnancy Announcement--How I told him

During the last week of January 2012 I found out that we will be adding our first human addition to the Lamb household, and this is how I let the husband know that he will soon also be known as daddy.
  • I purchased a soft stuffed monkey from Baby Gap
  • Put a homemade card at the bottom of the bag
  • The cover said "This just in..."
  • The first page of the card showed our 2 1/2 year old beagle Atticus with one positive test
  • The last page of the card showed our 1 1/2 year old rescue pup Piper with another positive test

At first he thought I just bought him a cute stuffed animal (which I have never done before), but then upon reading the card a second time, he said, "Is this for real?" We then hugged and discussed if we thought it would be a boy or a girl (I wasn't sure and he thought a girl) and bounced around baby names.  That is the moment that all the baby planning began.